Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal...

Padma Sambhava Cha-yu-sha Shy-am, 16.07.2004 - 16.08.2011

Best Lhasa Apso female 2005 Austria

Multi.CH Qu´Shan-Shun vom Tschibu x Noriel Saturday Night Fever

We lost our Yusha much too early after a bad infection....


Bonzi Benign - Old English Sheepdog - 01.05.1990 - 12.3.2001

Our Bobtail female lived 11 years with us. She was no showdog, she was our lovely pet.


Bianca - Toypoodle - 06.04.1989 - 15.8.1993

After Boris Bianca joined our life over 14,5 years


Boris - Collie - 07.05.1983 - 15.3.1986

Boris was our first dog, because of less knowledge where to buy a dog we bought him at a backyard breeder, in the age of three years we had to put him in sleep because of health problems.